August in Russia is not just a month. This is the last month of summer. You know as like in Russia summer?


  August is a month of joy and sadness. Joyful – because giving generously rewards us for the work of a good harvest and bright colors of flower beds. Sad – because the summer is over, and really want to extend it a little bit.  

How do ordinary Russians live in August?

August in Bryansk region

All Russians enjoy the beautiful nature of Russia.

August Altai

August Baikal

August Of Tatarstan

August Smolensk region

August, Cape Fiolent, Crimea

August Ivanovo region

Apple Spas

Apple Spas

Apple Spas is a national holiday dedicated to the Orthodox celebration of the Transfiguration of the Lord, in which Church and folk traditions are closely intertwined. In ancient times, several saviours were celebrated, which were timed to the time of ripening of grain crops, vegetables, fruits and other gifts of the earth – to this day Honey, Apple and Nut, which are celebrated in August. In the Church calendar, all three saviours are associated with Jesus Christ and his acts — the word “Saved” in Russian is an abbreviated form from the word Savior.

August flowers

August flowers

In August bloom Russians favorite bugoslavskii flowers – asters. In addition to their gardens adorn gaillardia , rudbeckia, Echinacea, dahlias annual and perennial, chrysanthemums, zinnias, gladioli, cornflowers, Phlox, calendula and other flowers.

August bouquets

Many Russians grow flowers specifically to give children to school.

August bouquets

The first of September – all-Russian day of knowledge

In August, the Russians are preparing for the new school year. In all schools of the country children begin to study on September 1. To collect the child in school is a lot of money and cares: it is necessary to buy a school uniform, a briefcase, stationery, some textbooks and manuals (some textbooks are issued at school). In addition, in many schools, parents of children are renovating school premises and cleaning the classroom.

September 1, the Russian children go to school

August is the time of crops

the August harvests

In Russia, not only the harvest of crops, but also all that has grown on private plots, from gardens near country houses.  

Home-made canned vegetables and fruit

Preservation of berries, fruits and vegetables

Preservation of berries, fruits and vegetables is a Russian tradition of the USSR. Housewives competed with each other crops, recipes, beauty cans.  

Storage of crops

Storage of crops

A good Russian owner organizes a cellar for storing crops and canned food. Usually it is a cellar in a country house, in a garage or just a cold room.

Typical Russian cellar

In Russia collect mushrooms


mushrooms in the Russian forest

To collect mushrooms like a lot of Russians. For mushrooms go often with the whole family, invite friends and relatives. Traditional mushroom picking is to get up very early in the morning, go far into the forest and walk for many hours and look for mushrooms.With a take food: bread, where sea salt, tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled eggs. In Russia is growing many species edible wild mushrooms.

Edible mushrooms of Russia

The collected mushrooms, clean and cook. Mushrooms are eaten fried, stewed, boiled, salted, marinated. They are added to salads, bake pies with mushrooms, cook soup from them. For a large number of Russians, mushrooms have very good reserves for the winter – they are frozen and preserved.

Homemade canned mushrooms

August sky

August sky

In August, Russia has an amazing sky-high, deep. Russians like to look at the sky in August. There is a Russian tradition – if you see a shooting star you need to make a wish quickly while it is flying.