25 November 1988, Nikolaev. In Soviet Ukraine that was possible.

Training of the Soviet special forces: throw an axe while jumping

Products in baby stores. Of the Soviet Union. 1980

Of the Soviet Union. School

The Soviet air force. 1970

Pupils of the school. Moscow. 1963

Exhibition of achievements of National Economy of the USSR. Moscow. 1985

Harvest the melons of Uzbekistan, 1966

The first beauty contest in the USSR “Moscow beauty”. 1988

The driver of the tram. 1970s

The interior is typical Soviet apartment. 70s

The first star was installed on the Spasskaya tower on October 24, 1935, to November 1, the stars graced the Nikolskaya, Troitskaya and Borovitskaya towers.

Teaching kids the rules of the road. Of the Soviet Union. 1960s

The 7th of November at the school. 1973

Student dormitory. 1970s

Schoolgirl riding on frozen lake Baikal. Listvyanka, 1966.

The USSR was the only country in the world where mothers with many children were awarded government awards. 1975

USSR, a school, a home Economics class for girls. 1980

Admission to the pioneers. 1981

The famous sculpture “Girl with an oar” (Moscow, USSR, 1936). Was destroyed during the bombing of Nazi Germany in 1941.

Toy store, USSR, 1966

Schoolgirl riding on frozen lake Baikal. Listvyanka, 1966.

Background television in the lobby of the metro station Komsomolskaya. Of the Soviet Union. Moscow. 1968