In the Tomsk region, policemen encountered an unusual offender. According to the report, which was filed in the name of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region, a poltergeist got into one of the private houses in Kolpashevsky district. In the text of the memo, it is indicated that when the police arrived in their place, books were dropped from their hanging shelves in front of their eyes, and a stick flew out of the room in which no one was present. To find these events, rational explanation of the guardian of the order could not. At the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the fight against the poltergeist clergymen joined, reports the site The secretary of the district diocese, Hieromonk Simeon Koinov, said that a consecration ceremony had already been held in the “problem” house. In addition, the clergy stayed overnight to tame the poltergeist.