On may 15, 2018 Kerch bridge (Crimean bridge) was opened, connecting the coast of Russia with the Peninsula of Crimea.


The opening ceremony of the bridge

The first in this building drove the wheel “KAMAZ” the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Vladimirovich noticed that after the exit from the bridge on the road there were defects, and pointed to them the acting Minister of transport Sokolov. And that in turn assured that necessary works are already carried out. All notices, our President. Probably because many people think it is wonderful!  

I do not know what luck this KAMAZ, but behind the wheel Vladimir Putin

Putin behind the wheel of a KAMAZ first rides on the Kerch bridge

  The President came to the Crimean bridge, talked to the workers who built it, and thanked them for early delivery of the facility. Then Putin got behind the wheel of KAMAZ as part of the column and drove on the bridge. During the trip, he was told about the readiness of the bridge and the stages of its construction.

Putin talks with workers

The movement of the truck with the number N082EN at the head of the column of construction equipment began at 14.48 MSK and took about 16 minutes instead of the planned 25 minutes. Near Putin in the cockpit was the head of construction of the Crimean bridge Alexander Ostrovsky.

The first car passed on the Crimean bridge

The movement of a column of 36 cars on the 19-kilometer bridge began from Taman. About 15.02 “KAMAZ” Putin drove the arch of the bridge over the fairway, and at 15.05 the President of Russia has already left the truck on the Crimean side and welcomed the audience for the meeting of the bridge builders.

In the future, facilities such as the Crimean bridge, will appear throughout Russia, Putin promised: “we will continue to work on projects of this kind throughout the country. We will build new roads, new bridges, new airports and ports throughout the country. We will make our people’s lives better, more dignified.”

Characteristics of the Kerch bridge.


The transport passage through the Kerch Strait will consist of two parallel bridges — railway and road, 19 km each.

The road part of the Crimean bridge is designed for year – round admission of up to 40 000 cars per day-both cars and trucks. Two lanes will be opened for traffic in each direction-from Krasnodar region to Crimea and back. The cost of the bridge is 227.9 billion rubles., the project contractor received a contract for 222.4 billion rubles.  

Bikers opened the Crimean bridge


“Night wolves”

  The President of the motorcycle club “night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov nicknamed “Surgeon”, who was the first in a column of bikers who drove on the bridge, admitted to journalists that the opening of the transport crossing the Kerch Strait – one of the most significant milestones in the history of Russia and that it feels a sense of euphoria. “We have been waiting for this discovery for a long time. In fact, this is a bridge to the Russian future,” said the leader of the Night wolves. – Of course, euphoria and excitement are present in today. The first passage on this bridge is very symbolic. This is an important historical moment.” In addition, according to Zaldostanov, more than a thousand motorcyclists participated in the morning flashmob on the bridge to the Crimea. Recall, today at 05:30 Moscow hundreds of cars and passenger buses hit the road on the bridge in the Crimea. Traffic is open two-lane, you can move here with the maximum speed-90 km / h, but you can not stop on the highway.

The length of the largest bridge in Russia and Europe is 19 kilometers.