Dear visitors of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! You have probably faced the problem on search of budget place for staying in Russia. We want to offer You tent camping for fans. It is the brilliant variant for those who are friendly and want to get a lot of positive impressions.

How to visit Russia during the FIFA World Cup cheaply?

The most budgetary way of staying in Russia is suggested by the Company “Russkiye Traditsii”, it offers tent eco-camp for fans. The cost of the tour is $1000 for 5 days of staying: place in a tent, military field-kitchen with nutritious ration 3 times a day, European cafe, WC, shower, entertainments, all facilities of the camp’s life, bus to the stadium and back, as well as participation in the camp’s festivity.

How not to get lost in Russia:

We will meet the group of fans and then take them to the camp. They will eat, lodge and then we’ll take them to the stadium. After the match there will be a bus for fans to return to the camp. We will also offer fans additional sightseeing bus tours in cities of stay and take fans to the interesting places and museums.  After the end of 5-day staying we will comfortably take You to the airport.

How to safely visit the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia:

We will meet You at the airport and take You to the off-limits area of the tent eco-camp. We will protect the camp from terrible Russian hackers, bears with balalaikas, as well as from disorders in the camp. For convenience of fans there will be medical station, video supervision, protection of area. The fans violating order and provoking conflicts will be immediately driven away from the camp.

Place of placement of the tent camp of fans: Petrovskaya str., Solnechnoe, Saint Petersburg, 197739      

Photo of the campsite

This is a very beautiful place for a romantic holiday on the beach. Magnificent landscape, ecologically clean place, close to the city.

Stadium “Zenit Arena”


Excursions for football fans

St. Petersburg is a tourist center of Russia, so we will offer football fans interesting dynamic tours of the city and region.  

Bus tour of St. Petersburg at night. White night.

The tour is included in the basic package when buying a ticket to the camp of football fans   White nights and a bus tour of St. Petersburg-this is what all tourists want to see in Russia. The old town, the latest buildings, bridges and canals – all this you can see sitting in a comfortable chair.


The tour is included in the basic package when buying a ticket to the camp of football fans Peterhof was founded in 1710 as an Imperial country residence, the status of the city — since 1762. The city is a monument of world architecture and Palace and Park art XVIII-XIX centuries the Museum—reserve “Peterhof”. No one can visit St. Petersburg and visit the Peterhof!


The rules of the tent camp

Dear football fans.  It is impossible to organize the eco-camp’s life without rules. We need rules in order to live in well-regulated society. We will be thankful if you help us to build good and comfortable camp life.
  1. We ask you not to leave camp without informing specialist of a front office and your attendant. 
  2. We prohibit smoking on the territory due to fire protection and due to the risk that non-smokers and under-aged can be in the zone of tobacco smoke. The same concerns the workers of the camp. For smokers there are special places with ashtrays.
  3. We ask you to consume alcohol moderately and be tolerant to the fact that some people drink alcohol, while others do not due to the religious reasons or personal persuasions. If You see a drunken person or a person intoxicated by alcohol, warn the camp’s workers and we will immediately take necessary measures.
  4. Meal. We want you to visit all meals, we do not want our guests to be hungry. We will announce the beginning of meal and changes in the schedule of meal due to a departure to the stadium.  We will take care of food for trip.
  5. Water closets and wash-basins. Leave WC clean. Be respectful to the staff and to each other!
  6. Rubbish. Don’t throw rubbish, collect it into garbage bags. Eco-camp means garbage sorting. Promptly throw rubbish into the specially equipped place. Due to the risk of injury do not run barefoot on the territory of camp!
  7. First aid. If you have diarrhea, pain, nausea and injuries go to the front office and medical staff.
  8. If you have some domestic problems, please, go to the front office. It is forbidden to hew trees near the camp! It is forbidden to throw knifes and axes! 
  9. Tents. Keep an eye on good tension so that the tent will not get wet. When you leave the tent, close it! We ask You to honour immunity of tents. During your stay in the camp the tent has the status of personal space.
  10. About friendship and amorousness. We always welcome real friendship! In case of friendship between the participants of the tent camp it is neccesary to remeber that on the camp’s territory there are people from various countries, of different religions and customs. Stay pure – no intimacy! Be respectful to the rules and foundations of life of other participants, avoid endearments and conversations on intimate topics. 
  11. It is strictly forbidden to show aggression and provoke conflicts with other camp participants, despite the topic of disputes. It is also strictly forbidden to conflict with fans from other football teams. The camp participants must inform of violators the front office and the camp leaders will have to report to the police about the incident and drive away violators from the camp. 
  12. The participants of the camp who have violated the rules will be driven away from the camp without compensation of cost of accommodation. The violator will be transported to the nearest public transport stop and the leaders of the camp and his/her attendants are not interested in the violator’s fate.