In 2018, in March, presidential elections in Russia will be held. And on March 5, the results will be announced. To these elections, without exaggeration, the attention of the whole world will be riveted. Many, for sure, will want to affect them even. And the winner in the presidential elections in Russia, of course, will be congratulated by other leaders. And for sure Trump will also congratulate. Of course we do not know who will win on them. We’re not psychics. But you can come to Russia yourself and see everything with your own eyes. If you want you can watch the elections. If you want something, go to the museum. In Russia, a lot of interesting things. And the guide of Russia will always help you. Come to visit and find out who the Russians will choose. Look at it yourself, not on TV. Because the TV today almost always lies.    

Аbout Putin with a smile =) 

Why Putin manages so much?

Here’s the biggest secret

Why Putin is so smart?

He is immortal

What do we expect from 3017?

What will happen to Russia?


winter is coming. Putin.


Putin and young of the legendary Russian blue berets


Putin and the special forces 🙂


Russian Patriotic calendar

Russian Patriotic calendar


Putin riding a bear


From Russia with love