The wonders of nature in Russia
Russia is an incredibly huge country. It is not surprising that Russia has its analogues of the world wonders of the world. 

Dead Sea vs Lake Baskunchak

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea google map The Dead Sea is on the border between Israel and Jordan. The dimensions of the Dead Sea are 76 kilometers in length and 18 kilometers in width. Its area is 810 km2, and the depth is about 370 m, and it is constantly decreasing. The Dead Sea feeds a large number of mineral springs, beating on its southern shore. As a result, the concentration of salts in the Dead Sea is, on average, 28%, and in some places reaches 33%. For comparison, in the World Ocean the concentration of salts is about 3-4%. With this salt content, it is not possible to drown. The healing properties of these waters, as well as the Dead Sea mud, rich in bromine, potassium, sodium and iodine, have been known since the time of the biblical king Herod. Water from the Dead Sea is good for treating skin and other diseases.

 Lake Baskunchak

Lake Baskunchak google map Lake Baskunchak is located near the lake Elton – in the Akhtuba district of the Astrakhan region (Russia). Its salinity reaches 37%. This unique body of water with an area of 100 km2 is a depression at the top of the salt mountain, which extends thousands of meters deep into the earth and is covered by a thick sedimentary rock. The lake feeds mainly from sources. Baskunchak’s salts are unusually pure (99.8%), “like ice”, sodium chloride NaCl – table salt. That’s why it is here that 80% of all salt is mined in the Russian Federation, for which they called it “All-Russian salt cellar”. And to get salt here began in the VIII century. The depth of the salt in the lake reaches 6 km, and the numerous keys flowing into it, daily replenish its reserve by more than 2,5 thousand tons, so that the salt reserves are practically inexhaustible. Almost the whole surface of the lake is covered with salt, and you can walk on it. The air near Lake Baskunchak with a high content of bromine and phytoncids, as well as its + mud mud, have a curative effect that guests of the local Baskunchak sanatorium, located on the lake shore, can appreciate.   

Geysers of Iceland vs Geysers of Kamchatka

Geysers of Iceland vs geysers of Kamchatka

Geysers of Iceland vs geysers of Kamchatka


Iceland google map Iceland is famous for its geysers. From around the world come to swim in the Icelandic hot springs sources. Iceland even learned how to extract energy from this natural phenomenon.


Kamchatka google map Kamchatka is also covered with geysers. Because the whole of Kamchatka is covered by volcanoes. Sometimes geysers make their way right on private areas. To Kamchatka come from all over the world to look at volcanoes and swim in thermal springs. Even Kamchatka bears like to bask in geysers  

White cliffs of Dover vs Cape Tarkhankut

White cliffs of Dover vs Cape Tarkhankut

White cliffs of Dover

White cliffs of Dover on google map About White Cliffs Dover knows, or at least heard something, perhaps every person on our planet. With their participation a lot of films have been shot.

Cape Tarhankut

Cape Tarhankut google map They are sung by poets and artists. But not everyone is aware of Cape Tarhankut. Although Cape Tarhankut is in no way inferior to Dover. This cape also sovetsets poets and artists. In the USSR with his participation a lot of films were shot. For example, the adventure film “Elusive Avengers”    

Volcano of Fuji vs volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka

Volcano of Fuji vs volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka


Fuji google map The ancient Japanese believed that the ascent to Fujiyama can only be accomplished by a real hero, and reward for him will be immortality. Therefore, many residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are still convinced: the haze, periodically visible above the mouth of the volcano – is the smoke from the fire, which the gods lit with the help of the elixir of immortality. Although the volcano last active only three centuries ago, in no Japanese chronicle there is no mention of this event: local people chose not to remember the wrath of the sacred mountain, and therefore on a subconscious level, Fujiyama is considered an extinct volcano. Fujiyama is located on the largest island of the Japanese archipelago of Honshu. From Tokyo, the capital of Japan, which is located on the same island, the sacred mountain is 90 km to the southwest. The height of the volcano is 3776 m. 

Klyuchevskaya Sopka

Klyuchevskaya Sopka google map Earlier on the site of the volcano Klyuchevskaya hill was a dol. In the most ordinary yurt of reindeer skins lived a hero – a hunter named Tomgirgin. He went on his broad skiing to hunt. And one day he wandered far beyond the mountain ranges and went out to sea-ocean. There lived on the seashore an old fisherman. And he had an daughter, Itatel, beautiful written. As she saw it, Tomgirgin, and fell in love, and wanted to marry her. Yes, only did not give him a fisherman. But in the end he agreed, only the condition stated that Tomgirgin should have built such a large yurt on Klyuchevskoye so that it could be seen from the mountain ranges from the shore of the sea. Tomgirgin returned home, thought about how to build a yurt. Of deer skins you will build – by a wind of such a high dump, and where to get so many skins? I started to build from stones. He built for a long time. But he built it for glory. The fisherman gave him a daughter, and Tomgirgin settled with her in his stone yurt. The first thing they did was a wedding. The fire in this so hot melted, that over the yurt high in the sky the fire column shot up. Now the old steel Tomgirgin and Itatel. But still, when guests are accepted, the hearth is hotly heated. Ashes then falls a lot and on sleds it’s bad to ride: very much the skids this ash stems. This is such a beautiful legend. Indeed, in the volcanoes of Kamchatka there is something surprisingly romantic. Like and you know geology, the history of their origin. But ancient legends are recollected – and they look differently. The height of the volcano is 4835 m.   

Cappadocia vs the Lena Pillars


Cappadocia google map The landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey is so unusual that when you visit it there is a strong feeling that you are on another planet. Perhaps therefore, one of the valleys of Cappadocia was called “lunar”. Cappadocia with confidence can be called not only the most interesting sight of Turkey, but the whole planet.  

Lena Pillars

Lena Pillars google map The main beauty of the banks of the Lena River is the Lena Pillars. The pillars are steep, sheer and very thin at a relative height (40-70 meters), stone rocks in the form of a colonnade, a tower, an arch, a cathedral and other bizarre figures. These rocks stretched a solid wall on the right bank of the Lena more than 40 km. The Lena Pillars are also interesting because some of them are entire galleries of rock paintings – pisanits executed during the Neolithic, Bronze and Early Iron Ages. There is a legend that the Lena Pillars is a city of ancient gods. When uttering a special spell, the rocks move apart, and a city of indescribable beauty and grandeur appears. In this city, the ancient gods disappeared from people’s eyes and are waiting for their time to come to people’s aid, give them good and teach them to live according to ancient laws in harmony with the surrounding world and themselves.   

Lake Hiller vs Raspberry Lake

Lake Hiller

Lake Hiller google map Lake Hiller is located on the very edge of the Middle Island, part of the archipelago, stretching for tens of kilometers along the southern coast of Western Australia. On all sides, the reservoir is surrounded by tall evergreen eucalypts, which contrast sharply with the rose water of the lake and only a narrow strip of land, consisting mainly of sand dunes, separates it from the ocean. This place also has its own legend, known to a few navigators and even fewer land. According to her in the XVII century in these waters sunk in a storm ship. The only surviving sailor was thrown onto an uninhabited island. The elements pretty badly crippled the lucky guy. Because of the broken limbs, every movement brought pain, and the extraction of food turned into torture. A few weeks later, the sailor distraught with pain and loneliness exclaimed in his heart: “I will sell the soul to the devil, if this nightmare stops!”. At the same time, out of the shadow of the neighboring tree came a strange man with two pitchers in his hands: one had blood, the other had milk. He walked slowly to a small lake and said: “Blood will help you forget what pain is. Milk will save you from a feeling of hunger. You should just dip into these waters. ” After that, the stranger poured the contents of the pitchers into the lake, which changed the color. The sailor, who thought that he had gone mad, slowly went into the suspicious pink water and dived, and when a strange person came out, there was nowhere. To the surprise of the traveler, there was no trace of fractures and hunger. Later on this island landed pirates, who captured a poor sailor. Later, the filibusters were alarmed by the fact that the captive did not feel pain and did not need food. Considering this a bad sign, superstitious pirates threw the sailor overboard, not believing in his mystical history of miraculous healing.

Raspberry Lake

Raspberry Lake google map Foreigners, who were fortunate enough to share a meal with the great Empress Catherine II, were surprised at the unusual salt of a pinkish-crimson color served to the table. Such a curiosity they have not seen anywhere else. And the Russians knew that it was brought with a far-distant Kulunda steppe, located at the foot of the Altai Mountains. But few could visit those distant places – it was so hard to get there. Only there were legends about that there splashed a huge pink lake, bathing in which, women who could not give birth soon brought babies, and not beautiful beauties.  

This is not all the miracles that exist in Russia. Come to Russia and see everything yourself. You can choose any route with the help of a Guide to Russia.