One of the strangest cartoons of the USSR.

Scarecrow of bear


June 10, 2016 Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” was 80 years old. Over the years the Studio has produced more than a thousand of animated films.

About Dog Rosca



Children are everywhere. And like everywhere in the USSR and in Russia, children adore cartoons. Of course, there is a lot of diversity in this industry. And Russia produces good cartoons, for example, beating all records of cartoon views Masha and the bear. But before the import cartoons were not. Here you can get acquainted with some cartoons of the past from the USSR.  

All Soviet cartoons 30 year old riddled with deep philosophical meaning.

Winnie Pooh and the day of cares  (1958)


Three from Prostokvashino (1978)


Soviet cartoons in the vast majority wore moralistic in nature, this morality was often openly manifested.

The flying ship (1979)


Junior and Carlson (1968)


How the Cossacks became Olympians (1978)


How the Cossacks helped the Musketeers (1979)


How the Cossacks played football (1970)