The Russian bathhouse in the past centuries could be seen from afar: the smoke was pouring from all the cracks (there was no chimney). And on Saturdays, at the end of all the week’s work, life was boiling all over Russia: brooms were harvested, wood was baked and festive and ordinary rituals were held. It was a bathhouse in a black, but today in priority, the so-called paired in white, where there is already a chimney, and ventilation, and the same national feature of the Russian bathhouse – steam room. Steam room in Russian bathhouse     On the national peculiarities of the Russian bathhouse written a lot of books and made a movie, of which today it is interesting to know what the bath traditions in different regions of Russia. And all these customs, beliefs and superstitions are connected exclusively with the steam room. No other economic construction in Russia has such an amount of folk folklore. Moreover, the Rusichs believed that the bathhouse was guarded by a special spirit – a bath-men. On this late at night in the bathhouse, no one washed (it was early in the morning) – not only because at that time there was no electricity, and candles in the steam room can lead to a fire. It was simply believed that at this time the bath-man washes with the unclean. There was also a female specimen of this devil- bathwoman. Because of her no one in the bathhouse was not soared alone – it was believed that she would skin the skin and pound in the cracks on the floor. Convenient and safe: when two people are hovering, one will not give one another to get sick and will give first aid if he feels bad. And most importantly – on the fourth steam it was impossible to wash, this steam – a bathman. And in this belief, and in the ban on single procedures there is a sense – so as not to get stung by accident.   After the bath, the sensations were always important: even our ancestors liked to say that in the bathhouse they would wash themselves – that they would be born again. At one time (and partly today) visiting the steam room was a whole cult, where the soul was invested.   The bathhouse always had a special role: children were born in it, and patients survived the last days, funeral rituals were performed here, even there were traditions connected with the departure of one of the relatives. Even the hen-party before the wedding was held right here, among the brooms and shelves. Bathhouse was considered a sterile place. So it was because then it was drowned in black: first the fire warmed up under the rocks, after that water was fed on them and everything turned out to be in the smoke. The bathhouse was opened and well ventilated, after that people entered it and enjoyed steaming in a hot and fresh room, without carbon dioxide and soot. Thus, the walls darkened, but from the smoke, and the human body remained clean. Those who today tried to steam in a real bathhouse in a black (and not in a fake), then seriously does not perceive the procedure in white.     Correct temperature and humidity Relative and absolute air humidity should be separated. Absolute, that is real, depends on temperature: the higher the temperature, the higher the water vapor pressure. And at a relative humidity of 60%, a normal Russian bathhouse is obtained. As for the action, how much fry the stove and pour water in the Russian bathhouse depends on individual sensations. In people with poor health and a low pain threshold, a burn can occur from water with a temperature of 60 ° C, and a healthy male company can easily heat stones to a white state, and then swim in a hole. For example, Finnish researchers several decades ago proved that the most comfortable temperature range of a bathhouse is 40-65 ° C, and relative humidity is 40-60%. This is just the case with the Russian steam room! At the same time, some Russian lovers consider a normal bath, if the temperature in it is not less than 100 ° С. Such an extreme that is dangerous to life and often ends with cancer. Here it is necessary to include logic: if in fact such a bath was useful and pleasant – it would have been practiced thousands of years ago.     Enjoy Your Bath! It’s not just a wish … It would seem, how can steam at all be easy? Is it not the same for the same humidity and air temperature? Not at all. Turning into steam, the water is broken into many small drops, which are very light and rise up. From this, these drops are microscopic and the vapor is considered light. Heavy vapor is unpleasant and unhelpful, and light vapor is perceived by any organism well – but it is more difficult to reach an easy pair. That’s why the stoker was always attached to the big bathhouse.            
Healing broom
Healing broom – only in a Russian bathhouse! Steaming the broom is another valuable bath tradition that has survived to this day. Broom is used only in Russian bathhouse In any other, especially saunas, it quickly dries up and becomes unsuitable.   Use of traditional Russian brooms: Lime – heals catarrhal diseases at the initial stage; Birch – it is used for cosmetic purposes and for pulmonary diseases; Oak – improves blood circulation, is used for muscle pain and neurological pain; Juniper broom – used for chronic lung diseases, including tuberculosis; Willow broom – stimulates the regeneration processes, allows you to maintain the youthfulness of the skin; Kalinovy ​​broom – used to treat chronic colds and dry cough; Birch bark – used to treat joint diseases.     Prepare, bind and steam a broom – this is real art. Only experienced bath attendants know where and when to cut branches, how to store them, how to use them in a bathhouse and how many times to soar them. It is important, for example, that the leaves are soft, velvety, do not scratch the skin. And a bath broom is not beaten, as many people think, but easily pat on the whole body. So the toxins go away, the skin heals, and the smell of steamed leaves additionally has a beneficial effect on the lungs of a person.    
Today it became fashionable to use a variety of aromatic oils for the bathhouse. It seems, why not combine business with pleasure, and not improve healthily in addition? The fact is that essential oils, no matter how correctly you do not use them, contain in themselves harmful substances – solvents. Therefore, such “treatment” should only be in homeopathic doses, and rarely. And it is even better to return to the centuries-old Russian tradition – to use different brooms and breathe wet wood on the walls of medicinal rocks. It is also useful to brew herbal decoctions, which wash hair and rinse, and get the desired effect on a particular type of stones. All of the above has a lot of useful properties! Also, a steamed broom and herbs – a unique flavor. It is this fragrance that has a Russian bathhouse and the smell of wet wood.   From the steam room right into the snowdrift? Another national tradition is only a Russian bathhouse – from a hot steam room jump into a snowdrift, ice water or wipe with snow. Foreign lovers of the sauna are surprised and frightened when they see such extremism. But in fact, such a massage, with a sharp change in temperature, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system of man: the vessels come in a tone, the metabolism is normalized, and the body’s resistance to colds increases. Most importantly – after such extreme procedures, the mood rises and additional forces appear. Therefore, the Russian bathhouse is not only a tradition or a hygienic act.

Russian traditional banya