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Maslenitsa or Pancake Week is an East Slavic traditional holiday. Maslenitsa is celebrated during the week before Lent. Maslenitsa retained in its ritual elements of Slavic mythology. Many people want to buy a tour to Russia on Maslennitsa. In 2019 in Russia the Maslenitsa is celebrated from March 4 to 10. Traditional festivities will be held throughout the country. Of course in the first place Olives is associated with pancakes. They are baked and eaten with pleasure with all possible fillings. But Maslenitsa is not only pancakes. During the Maslenitsa in Russia there are a lot of theatrical performances and exhibitions of Russian folk art.

Tour Operator “Russian Traditions” offers you not only to visit the Shrovetide in Russia, but also to visit the largest exhibition of Russian folk art, “Rook”. All Russian handmade will be presented at this exhibition.

Maslenitsa very ancient holiday. His roots are in pagan culture. Russians love Maslenitsa, however, like other holidays. But, perhaps, Maslenitsa is one of the favorite holidays in Russia.