Traditional postcard, may 1. USSR.

  In modern Russia this holiday of spring and labour, but in Soviet Union this holiday was the day of solidarity of workers.

May 1 demonstration in Red Square, USSR

Traditionally, may 1 and 2 in Russia there are weekends. Russians necessarily on celebration 1 on may fry shish kebabs.    

May 1 and labor

Also, on may 1, the Russians begin work on their suburban areas. In the USSR, suburban areas were distributed to all who worked well and achieved industrial success.                  

It was may 1, Russians go to the country with their whole family, invite friends and guests.


In our Soviet childhood work on 1 on may were mandatory. Children and adults were digging, collecting leaves, and planting new flowers and vegetables.


1 on may one of the most favorite Russian holidays. We always look forward to it.

  Happy 1st of may! Good weather! Delicious kebabs!