Around the 50’s on the cars began to appear massively the electric levers for glass.  

Electric levers for glass

  This innovation immediately made cars with electric glass levers more attractive to buyers.

And at this time in the USSR …

  And at this time in the USSR is an updated model of the car Zaporozhets. And this model also has its own innovation. No, no, there is no electric lever for the glass on it. But it has an equally interesting innovation. This car is for real winter fishermen!   Yes, yes, you are not mistaken, this is the hatch in the bottom of the car for winter fishing. The driver goes to the ice, opens the hatch, drills a hole in the ice, and can fish without leaving the car!     And electric levers for glass … When on the street -40 degrees it does not want and it is not necessary to open glasses in the car. But the fish catch on the ice, no problem.