The Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) is the federal district of the Russian Federation (RF) in its Far East. Formed by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 13, 2000. The largest federal district in size. In the Far Eastern Federal District almost all entities (except for the Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous Region) have access to the sea, and one entity (the Sakhalin Region) has no land border with other subjects and the main territory of Russia. Another feature of the district is the presence of a land border with the DPRK, as well as sea borders with Japan and the United States. In the Far Eastern Federal District, the only autonomous region in Russia (the Jewish Autonomous Region) and the only autonomous region in Russia that has left the region (Chukotsky) is represented. In the Far Eastern Federal District there is also the Amur Region – the only region in the Russian Federation, whose name differs from the center not because of renaming or merging / dividing the subjects of the Russian Federation. One of the 2 federal districts, in which there is not a single city-millionaire. Administrative Center of the Okrug (with the basing of the Administration of the Far Eastern Federal District) Khabarovsk – the largest city of the district (since 2015) by population, traditionally has the greatest attraction in the intra-eastern migrations.

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