Chukotka Autonomous District (Chukotkakan Autonomous District) is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and is located in the Far Eastern Federal District. Borders with Yakutia, Magadan region and the Kamchatka region. In the east it has a sea border with the USA. The entire territory of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug belongs to the regions of the Far North. The administrative center is the city of Anadyr.  

Chukotka Autonomous District

Away from capital cities, on the edge of our country is the land, perhaps the least familiar to the majority of inhabitants of Russia – Chukotka. The Peninsula, the area exceeding the Scandinavian, the mysterious country, which, unfortunately, is rare and little is written and spoken media.
Another remarkable discovery made recently by Russian archaeologists on a deserted stretch of coast of the Bering Strait, in twenty-five kilometers from the Chukchi village of Uelen. What they found was called "Aquin", in translation into Russian – "the Cape "the Big hut". The title is not accidental. In Equine preserved not less than thirty semi-underground dwellings. Left by people hundreds of years ago, they resemble the burial mounds. The sea, the level of which is constantly increasing, ruthlessly destroys the ancient settlement, and from the coastal slopes are large slate – floor Akvinsky dwellings, a giant skull and jaw bone of bowhead whales supports the former roof in the homes of ancient marine mammal hunters of Chukotka.
A few years ago, says M. Bronstein, Museum of the East came a group of engineers and builders. Seeing the "winged things", our guests forgot about everything. They literally stared at them, turning this way and that. "Here it is, the angle of inclination of the wing of a fighter we've been looking for twenty years!" astonished repeated one of the designers. The experts were clear: the numerous protrusions, slots and holes on the wings and in the centre of the stabilizers of the harpoon, the design of the "winged object" due to the knowledge of the ancient Eskimos of the laws of aerodynamics".
 More interest was generated in the city (in/h....) called the locals "GUDY", on behalf of the main Builder. On completion of construction and commissioning, head of construction - eliminated (officially: shot himself). Before that, probably, were subjected to liquidation by the builders. Rather, in the construction process. The city is layered. Who and when started to build is unknown. Not the fact that comrade GUDY started building - rather, he finished it. It is known that before the revolution there were large settlements of people. In Russia, few people knew about it.
The city Gudim was equipped with the latest German machines and plants. The inhabitants of the town were supplied in category A, that is, as the Central Committee of the Communist party of the USSR (clothes, food). Mostly from Austria and Germany. Before that, many things were imported from America. My dad was an American jeep Dodge ¾ now are the Antiques. The king of Monaco albert in the garage are two of the jeep as a source of pride. These things I describe to make it clear that the provincial at first glance, the place on the edge of the Earth, had a special status that could be traced even on the basis of household things.
Very recent information from Chukotka about the mammoth. In the local Museum of the city of Bilibino smells of mysticism. Chuchelko a Fanny almost three and a half meters and weighing about 4 hundred kilogrammov elapsed second life-restoration in the workshop of the Moscow Museum-theater "Ice age" as something scary and Grand, captured the imagination of visitors. Mastodon is next to yours, if I may say so – a fellow baby – in fact, pushing throughout its thousand-year history in the ceiling of the vault of ancient artifacts.
Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, who wrote a remarkable work "Ancient Russian history from the beginning of the Russian people to the death of Grand Prince Yaroslav the First." Many thousands of years — that is, in the opinion of Russian academician, the history of our country, based on the calculations of the Babylonian astronomers and evidence of the Egyptian priests preserved thanks to the Greek scientist. In ancient times, took a planetary cataclysm that changed the climate on the Earth and plunging the Arctic continent under water, which today some call it Hyperborea.
Whale alley
Whale alley
There are still various legends, confirming the presence of some mysterious underground structures of the ancient civilization here and in the neighboring areas. Confirmation of this can be that these dungeons at the time were interested in the Orthodox Church. It is known that in XIX century a monk with local guides in the town of Okhotsk came into the cave, which turned the entrance to the tunnel, and passed a ridge of Dzhugdzhur about 500 kilometers. On the surface it came near Udskoe lips of the sea of Okhotsk. Thus, empirically it has been proven that some ancient civilization in this district preserved a large multi-tiered network of underground tunnels.