Cosmodrome Vostochny is a Russian cosmodrome in the Far East in the Amur Region, near the city of Tsiolkovsky, 45 km north of the town of Svobodny and the military spaceport of the same name. The nearby railway station “Ledyanaya”. The first Russian civil cosmodrome. The total area is about 700 km ².   Today, Russia’s space industry is experiencing a second birth: the reform of the rocket and space industry, the reassessment of Russia’s place in the system of international space interaction, the revision of the goals and ways of further development.   The decisions made today on the development of the space industry are based on pragmatic tasks: ensuring the development of science and industry, strengthening Russia’s defense capability, and developing international ties at the expense of increased opportunities.   One of such tasks is the creation of the first civilian Russian spaceport Vostochny. It is he who will provide independent access to space from the territory of Russia across the entire spectrum of space missions. Owning its own cosmodrome, from which it is possible to launch spacecraft into any orbit, implement manned programs and explore the far space.  


The Vostochny spaceport was created for the new Russian Angara missile. “Angará” is a family of modular-type rockets with oxygen-kerosene engines, which includes carriers of four classes – from light to heavy – in the range of carrying capacity from 1.5 (Angara 1.1) to 35 (Angara-A7) tons in low Earth orbit (at the launch from the Plesetsk cosmodrome). But with additional equipment and up to 70 tons. The missile is inherently a designer. The main developer and manufacturer of the family of the Angara family is the Khrunichev State Space Research and Production Center.  

Future of space

By 2028, Russia intends to create a superheavy missile with the possibility of launching into space more than 100 tons. This task is entrusted to the famous RKK “Energia” Energy Buran and missile n-1  


The program to create a super powerful rocket will begin in 2018. The first will be a Soyuz-5 rocket. The first launch of the Soyuz-5 from Baikonur is planned for 2022 with the Federation ship without crew, and in 2024 – with the crew on board. Subsequently, the Soyuz-5 launch vehicle should become the basis of the first stage of the new Russian super-heavy-class missile, which, according to new plans, should be launched from the Vostochny cosmodrome in 2028.   At the Vostochny cosmodrome there are 4 observation platforms. Who knows, it is possible for you to see new launches of Russian missiles into space.