Moscow region (unofficially – Moscow suburbs) is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and is a part of the Central Federal District. The administrative center of the Moscow region is not defined, in fact – the city of Moscow, part of the government is located in Krasnogorsk. The region is located in the central part of the East European Plain in the basin of the Volga, Oka, Klyazma, and Moscow rivers. It borders on the north-west and north with the Tver region, in the north-east and east – with Vladimirskaya, in the southeast – with Ryazan, in the south – with Tula, in the south-west – with Kaluga, in the west – with Smolensk, in center – with a city of federal significance in Moscow. There is also a small northern border with the Yaroslavl region. The Moscow region was formed on January 14, 1929. Historically, the region was preceded by the Moscow Province, formed in 1708. The region was part of the Central-Industrial Region, formed during the enlargement of administrative-territorial units of the RSFSR, and on June 3, 1929, it was renamed the Moscow Region. The administrative area consists of 29 districts, 32 cities of regional subordination, 2 urban-type settlements of regional subordination and 5 closed administrative-territorial entities. The region received its name in the city of Moscow, which, however, is a separate subject of the Russian Federation and is not part of the region. The bodies of state power of the Moscow Region are located on the territory of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region. In 2007, most of the executive authorities were moved to the new House of Government of the Moscow Region, located on the territory of the Krasnogorsk urban settlement of the Krasnogorsk district, 350 meters from the Moscow Ring Road