The Tambov region (unofficially Tambovshchina) is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and is part of the Central Federal District. The area is 34 462 km ². Population – 1,040,327 (2017). The head of the administration is Nikitin, Alexander Valerievich (2015). The Tambov region lies in the southern part of the East European Plain, in the central part of the Oka-Don plain. The most significant rivers are the Tsna (the Volga basin), the Crow, Bityug and others. The climate of the Tambov region is moderately continental. The average temperature in January is -8 -9, July +19 +20. Precipitation averaged over the year falls from 450 to 550 mm. The Tambov region is located in the forest-steppe zone. Soils – typical black chernozems, in the south – leached, in the north – gray forest soils. On valleys and beams – meadow-chernozem and peat-bog. Forests occupy about 10% of the territory. Administrative center: the city of Tambov.