Climb to Elbrus
Elbrus google map Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe. Height of Elbrus 5 642 m. On Elbrus is also the highest lift in Europe. Before the New Year 2016 in Kabardino-Balkaria, the highest mountain ski lift in Europe was opened. The modern cable car connected Mir station (3,455 meters above sea level) and Gara Bashi (3,387 meters) on the slope of Elbrus. The length of the cable car is 1675 meters. Her 80 gondolas deliver skiers to the part of the mountain where you can ride almost all the year round. And at an altitude of 3900 meters is the hotel LeapRus, which, according to its creators, is the highest mountain hotel in Europe. The structure consists of two large capsules, similar to wagons. Inside can sleep up to 40 people.  Elbrus is located in the Lateral Ridge of the Greater Caucasus 10 kilometers to the north of the Main Caucasian Range on the border of the Republics of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaevo-Circassia and is a mountain massif of volcanic origin with a base diameter of 15 kilometers and brightly expressed East (5621 m) and Western peaks (5642 m), separated by an extended flat saddle (Sedlovina Elbrus pass, 5416 m). The distance between the peaks is 1500 meters. The absolute height of the socle is 3200-3800 meters. The average steepness of the slopes is 35 °. For the first time the height of Elbrus was determined in 1813 by Academician VK Vishnevsky and, according to his estimate, was 5421 m.
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The highest point of Europe in form resembles a woman’s breasts. She is feminine, beautiful, white and clean. But how is this vertex wayward! In times immemorial, her fire-breathing fury has spread all over the world. By its present geography, modern Europe owes much to the prehistoric eruptions of Elbrus. Today some scientists consider the mountain an extinct volcano. Others argue that the sleeping dragon is more likely alive, and under the thick ice shell, in the innermost depths of the mountain, old Hephaestus has not yet extinguished the stove. What happens when she wakes up? In general, the story of the biography of Elbrus is rich. And it is not surprising that during this time he overgrew many myths and legends. There are more of them than the names of the mountains. 

The Legend of Kazbek and Elbrus

Two heroes Kazbek and Elbrus, father and son, lived in time immemorial. They loved both the gentle beauty named Mashuk. And none of them wanted to concede. The girl also did not dare to make a choice – the heroes were so good. Rival father and son, and then ended with a deadly duel. They fought for a long time, but Elbrus defeated his father. Seeing the lifeless body that gave him life, the parricide turned gray. The hero turned away from the beautiful Mashuk, he did not want to love her, obtained at such a price. And he stabbed himself with a dagger, on which his father’s blood had not cooled. Bitterly cried over the murdered knights beauty Mashuk: “There were no such heroes on earth yet. How can I live in this world without seeing you? “God listened to these lamentations, and turned Elbrus and Kazbek into high mountains, higher and more beautiful than in the Caucasus. The beautiful Mashuk also became a mountain, but less. Now stands the stone Mashuk, looks and looks in clear weather day after day, from century to century to the gigantic peaks of Elbrus and Kazbek. And he can not see enough, can not decide which of them is more to her heart – already by the heart of a stone. Such a monument to the love triangle.  

National Park Elbrus

National Park Elbrus google map The national park “Elbrus” is located in the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian republic. It was founded in 1986 with two main goals: the creation of optimal conditions for the development of tourism, recreation, mountaineering and, of course, the preservation of a unique natural complex. The park is located within the Zolsky and Tyrnauz administrative districts of Kabardino-Balkaria. Within the boundaries of the park “Elbrus” there are six settlements, where more than 6 thousand people live. About 400 species of plants grow on the park’s territory. The most protected species is the rhododendron of the Caucasus. The following plants are listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation: dolomite bell, Radde birch, common hops, small chickpeas, Dinika saxifrage. Birch Radde in 1885 was described by the famous Caucasian naturalist G. Rade. This endemic relic species can be found only in some regions of the Caucasus. Forests occupy only a tenth of the total territory of the park “Elbrus”. Of hardwoods, the most common birches are Radda and Litvinov (52.6%), of coniferous trees – Koch pine (46.7%). The fauna of the Prielbrusye Park is also quite rich. Here there are 111 species of birds, more than 60 species of mammals, 8 species of amphibians, as well as 11 species of reptiles, 6 species of fish and many types of insects. In the park there are animals of the steppe zone of Europe – an ordinary hamster, a mole rat, a gray partridge, steppe grouse and others, and European broadleaf forests, among them – roe deer, European forest cat, marten and brown bear. Among the endemics of the Caucasus – the Caucasian tour, the snowcock, black grouse, otter and many others.
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Mount Elbrus and Elbrus National Park is a magnificent park with a huge extinct volcano in the center. Fine views, mountains, rivers, all this you can see. Guide to Russia will pick you the best option for you on any type of recreation and wallet. Do you want to sit still? Write us your questions.