The Republic of Komi (Komi Komi Republic) is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, a republic in its composition [7]. It is part of the North-West Federal District and is part of the Northern Economic District. The capital is Syktyvkar. Formed August 22, 1921 as the Autonomous Region of Komi (Zyryan), in 1936 it was transformed into a republic. State languages: Komi and Russian. In winter Komi is incredibly snow-covered  

Komi Republic

The Komi Republic isamazing North edge,which charms you with itsbeauty.About the regionThe Republic of Komi-the subject of the Russian Federation, is a part of the North-Western Federal district.The Republic of Komi was established on August 22, 1921 as an Autonomous region. Twenty sixon may 1992 it was transformed into a Republic as a part of Russia — RepublicKomi.The capital city is Syktyvkar
Cannot be separated from Udmurtia, Komi,Komi peoples from Perm and from others.Until our era, these peoples inhabited the entire Western part of the present Russia.They called themselves the people of Ar.Here hence the word people ariii or Aryans.The most numerous of these peoples were Udmurts.Udmurt in Russian language translated,ood--the root-- of the ICTR.Udmurts all longer resisted Slavs until they were driven between the river Vyatka and the river Kama.The Slavs merged with these peoples was formed in the Russian people.Very much taken from these peoples is considered a Russian tradition.