The Volgograd Region is an area in Russia, in the southeast of the East European Plain the south of the region is located on the Skif plate, the subject of the Russian Federation. The administrative center is the hero city of Volgograd. The Volgograd Region borders on the Saratov, Rostov, Astrakhan, Voronezh Regions, the Republic of Kalmykia and Kazakhstan (West Kazakhstan Oblast). It is part of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation.  

The city is a hero.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 the city was called Stalingrad. And it was on this city that the entire Hitlerite army was stuck. In this city there is a house that has been wounded by 14 people. Only 14 people. One of this house was kept in siege under the incessant onslaught of the fascist army for several months. Today there is a monument here.  
Stalingrad fell from the Fascists from July 17 to November 18, 1942, after that, on November 19, 1942, the counteroffensive of the Red Army began, and it ended already in Berlin.
Raising the flag over the Reichstag on April 30, 1945
Monument “Motherland Calls Motherland”
  The Volgograd region remembers its heroes and is literally imbued with the spirit of history.