The Samara region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and is part of the Volga Federal District. The administrative center is the city of Samara. It borders on the west with the Saratov and Ulyanovsk regions, in the southeast with the Orenburg region, in the north with the Republic of Tatarstan, and also in the south with Kazakhstan at a single point. Due to the proximity of the West Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan, part of the Bolshekhernigovsky district has the status of a border area. It was formed on May 14, 1928 as the Middle Volga Region. In 1929 it was renamed to the Middle Volga Region, in 1935 – to the Kuibyshev Region. In the period from December 5, 1936 to January 25, 1991 was called the Kuibyshev region.  
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