The Republic of Kalmykia (Kalmyk T. Kalmyk, short name: Kalmykia) is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, a republic in its composition. It is part of the Southern Federal District and is part of the Volga Economic Region. The capital is the city of Elista. It borders on the South with the Republic of Dagestan, in the south-west – with the Stavropol Territory, in the west – with the Rostov Region, in the northwest – with the Volgograd Region, in the east – with the Astrakhan Region. The only region in Europe that professes Buddhism.


The Kalmyks themselves call their country Khalmg Tangch, which translates as “Kalmyk people”. The Kalmyks are mentioned in Genghis Had mostly written source on the history of the Golden Horde of the XIV century. In the Name Genghis khans of the Golden Horde are called Kalmyks. In Kalmykia are: the championship of Russia on rally-raids (2000), cultural-sports festival of Jangariada (jumps on horse and camel, as well as competitions in wrestling, archery, javelin throwing), spring meeting on the first day of the lunar month (festival of Tsagan Sara is a symbol of warmth and abundance), the sacred month Ur SAR (during which is celebrated the feast of the birth of Buddha and the Buddhist era). Kalmyk national cuisine: fish dishes, Berg (similar to dumplings), meat soups; Gomba (tea with milk, butter, nutmeg and Bay leaf); Arica (Arak) (milk vodka).