Traditional Russian hospitality is one of the most basic Russian traditions.

Russian traditional hospitality

Our company does everything to make our guests feel comfortable, safe and have only a pleasant stay, which will be remembered for a lifetime.

– We choose our partners, entertainment and food very carefully. Our employees themselves go through all the tourist routes and choose the most interesting solutions.

We carefully choose our partners

– We solve ALL the problems of our guests. Our staff will do their best if you are in Russia: – Lost things and documents: we will accompany you to militia and we will fill for you all necessary documents.

Don’t worry, we can help you

– Lost Luggage at the airport: we will contact the airline, issue all the papers on the loss of Luggage, we will take you to the shops, so that you buy your Essentials.

We will help you solve your baggage problems

– We will help you to dress for the weather: if you come from a hot Sunny country, we can buy warm clothes for you and bring them to the airport; if you are freezing or hot – we can take you to any shops from expensive boutiques to the most simple and sports shops.

We will help you to buy warm clothes

– If you are sick, we will also take all measures to ensure that you receive the necessary assistance within the framework of your health insurance.

We will immediately take action, if you have any health problems

– If you get lost or lost we will find you and solve all your problems.

We will solve all your problems

We are glad to welcome you to Russia!