Russian Railways

“Arteries of life” – so called by the Russians the Russian Railways network. Day and night, in a Blizzard and a rain on our railroads thousands passenger and freight trains rush. The first railway in Russia is the Royal railway, the construction of which began on may 1, 1836, and was run by Austrian Professor Franz Gerstner. The Grand opening of this railway took place on October 30, 1837. Initially, the railway line connected St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo, but later it was laid to Petropavlovsk. Since then to the present day in Russia, then in Soviet Union were under constant construction of the railway network. When the Second World war began, railway workers played a huge role in the victory of the USSR over the Nazis. During the war years alone, railwaymen transported over 20 million cars, which housed soldiers, military equipment, ammunition and food (for reference: if these cars were built in a chain, they could wrap the Earth 4 times on the equator). On September 30, 1966 the company train “Rossiya” was launched, the route of which became one of the largest passenger railway routes among all the countries of the world. The total length operational length of Railways is 124 thousand km On the Railways of Russia in the year are carried over 1.2 bn passengers (including city trains, children’s railroad and other), and 1.4 billion tons of cargo. Railways pass through the whole of Russia and connect all regions of the Russian Federation.

The customs of the Russians in trains

Although this Russian tradition disappears, many Russians still prefer to sit in silence for good luck before a long journey. Sitting in a long-distance train, you should keep in mind that the time of the trip water reserves are limited. The way out is the supply of bottled water. It is useful for drinking and for personal hygiene procedures. Russians have a strange phobia (joke) it’s the fear of starving on the train. Russians take with them a lot of food and each compartment turns into a coupe-restaurant. Mandatory dishes-chicken in foil and boiled hard boiled eggs. As soon as the train moves people take out food and begin to share with neighbors and eat. Moreover, to share with neighbors-necessarily. Often neighbors coupe become best friends until the end of the trip. At the beginning of the journey it is necessary to give the opportunity to lay bed linen to passengers of the upper shelves. Usually they stand with their feet on the bottom shelves and do the job. If you have already made up your shelf before – just bend the mattress with bed linen, let the neighbor organizes everything for sleeping on your shelf without bed linen. If you go to the compartment, at the beginning of the road is appropriate to offer to leave the compartment to change clothes neighbors. This is normal practice. Then ethics require to have the neighbors come out to change you.

Don’t often ask questions – Why so long stand? – What will be the station? – How long do we have to go? All answers are posted by the conductor. Happy journey across Russia!

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