There are more than 400 museums in Moscow. There are more than 250 museums in London, over 200 in St. Petersburg, just over 80 in Paris and less than 50 in new York.

We offer a new tour: 7 unusual and interesting museums in Moscow. $1700

  • The cost of the tour includes:
  •  Preparation of documents for a tourist visa. Making an invitation.
  •  Meeting at the airport
  • Accommodation in 4-5 * hotel for 5 nights.
  • Pay a visit to museums, exhibitions, excursions
  • Delivery to museums, transportation between museums and excursions, delivery after visiting the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport
Age restriction: 8+

1 day. Arrival

Sheremetyevo airport. Moscow.

  • We meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel.
  • In the evening we will take you on a tour of the Moscow metro and the center of Moscow.

evening Moscow

Day 2. Stalin’s Bunker

About the Museum

The Bunker is located at a depth of 65 meters. The government has allowed visitors to open this bunker, which has been on the guard of the Motherland for 30 years, due to the fact that it is no longer of strategic importance. Visitors can get acquainted with a fully Autonomous object with its means of communication, can explore all the secret tunnels and weapons samples from the documentary to learn about the cold war.

Inside the Bunker there is a great restaurant where you can taste food prepared according to traditional Russian recipes and recipes of the USSR.


After the bunker we offer a walk to the center of Moscow, to see the Red Square and Zaryadye Park

The corner Arsenalnaya tower


Spasskaya tower of the Moscow Kremlin


Day 3. Moscow planetarium

Moscow planetarium



Interesting lectures, the largest telescope in Moscow, museums, astronomical platform “sky Park” with a collection of open-air astronomical instruments, the hall of the Museum of Urania with a collection of meteorites and historical Zeiss equipment planetarium, space program of Russia, space Souvenirs shop, cafe.


Day 4. Illusions and Electricity


The Museum of optical illusions

The Museum of optical illusions

Not always in museums only look, passing from one exhibit to another, and the new Museum on the Arbat is a direct proof of this. It definitely will not make you bored, because here you literally become part of the exhibition, and how you complement it depends on your imagination. On the area, which is a thousand square meters, there are many paintings on a variety of topics: here and fabulous stories, and very real interiors, footage from movies, fantastic creatures… your task is only to find the right position, becoming part of the canvas. And do not forget to take the camera, because it is in the photo illusion becomes real.

The Museum of optical illusions



The Museum hosts exhibitions of artists from all over the world working in the format of art media, music concerts, sound installations, lectures and seminars. Only time will show what the future is in art — new technologies or traditions.



Day 5. Russia and the Soviet Union


The Museum “Russian valenki»

The Museum “Russian valenki»

  1. Museum “Russian valenki” – the only one in Moscow, where you can learn a lot about such an ordinary subject and realize its importance. Valenki is not only convenient, curative and, at times, irreplaceable footwear. Boots is a symbol of real Russia with its wide soul and boundless open spaces. This unique (without beginning, without end, without seam, without scar) shoes have long been loved by all, regardless of rank and class.
  2. The Museum presents a variety of models: from embroidered boots of the late XIX century to modern, converted by artists into art objects. Acquaintance to methods and tools of manual felting, stages of industrial production of felted footwear and viewing of the video allow to trace a way of birth of a valenok from a heap of sheep wool to a finished product.
  3. The history, tradition and modernity of native Russian footwear is presented in the Museum brightly, fascinatingly and informative. Excursion in the Museum is interesting to all – ” from small to large.” Children delighted with the slogan “TOUCH — a must!”. Teenagers are happy to try on and capture themselves in the photo in painted boots and felt hat. Pensioners “have a rest soul”, remembering youth, listening to the forgotten sounds of a gramophone and singing Lydia Ruslanova all familiar words: “valenoks, valenoks…”. And all visitors are simply amazed by the process of” birth ” of a pile of sheep wool whole felted boot!

The Museum of the USSR

The Museum of the USSR

  The purpose of the Museum — an opportunity to recall the things that surrounded us in Soviet times, to talk about the ideology of our great country, which brought up millions of Octobrists, pioneers, Komsomol members and members of the CPSU, to show our leaders through the actions that we remember them.Cult of personality in all its manifestations, Soviet cars, slot machines, sports cups, computers, phones, TVs, cameras and radios, alcohol and food, food stamps, movie posters, clothing and shoes, toys and games, interior items, postcards, medals, badges, stamps and Souvenirs — all this is done in the USSR.

Day 6. We will see you to the airport

We pick you up from the hotel and take you to the airport. Waiting for you again.