On 14 June the match between Russia and Saudi Arabia in Moscow starts the world championship on football. What new “impossible” appeared in the Russian laws on the occasion of the 2018 world Cup and what should be paid attention to our and foreign fans, so as not to be deceived, fined or expelled?

For peace of mind

Advertising on bus stops in the cities of Russia

Violent fans-foreigners in the world football championship is not the place-decided in the Ministry of Internal Affairs . And as inadequate to every fan of the psychiatrist will not put, they simply banned entry to Russia. To do this, the security Agency has created a package of amendments to the law “on the order of departure and entry to Russia.” How to stop the leaves will fall just inappropriate and aggressive characters. Russian police officers will seek out fans-brawlers through Interpol channels and from national football information points of the member States of the Council of Europe.

Gastronomic limitations

Several gastronomic restrictions will be in effect during the matches. The first is from the CPS. For the health of the stomachs of guests and participants of the championship, the Department has prepared new requirements for mass events. The health of the cooks, who will be engaged in cooking for participants and spectators, will fall under the close control of physicians. How will: at least two weeks before the start of the event, the cooks will have to pass tests for E. coli and other pathogens of unpleasant gastric diseases. Care about the availability of all medical certificates will fall on the shoulders of the organizers. Those who will not have certificates or have health problems will be banned from working. Moreover, a special medical regime will be established even for volunteers, welcoming guests and fans. If they do not get vaccinated against hepatitis a and dysentery in advance, and do not pass fluorography, they will be ordered to the stadiums. The same ban will affect waiters and hotel employees. Well, the sanitary doctors themselves will start with a special zeal to seek out dishes prepared for fans and players, Listeria and Salmonella, selectively making samples.

The restrictions on alcohol

The second large-scale portion of the restrictions was developed by the FSB and has already been issued by the presidential decree. So, in each city where matches of superiority will take place, local officials will create lists of places where it is forbidden to trade in alcohol. First of all, in the” zone without alcohol ” will be stadiums and the nearest cafes and restaurants. In addition, large urban parks, entertainment centers, squares and other places of mass congestion of the people will also be forced to abandon the trade all that stronger kefir. However, the ban will affect only alcohol and glass containers. Yes, and it will not act constantly: only on the eve of the match day and directly on the day of the match.

The spy will be found on the radio

Special rules are also set for communication facilities. They are registered in the order of the Ministry. It says that all electronic gadgets that enter the stadium should be marked. How it will be: to receive such brands it will be necessary in the organizing Committee “Russia-2018”. It looks like a regular sticker with a barcode, numbers and, if necessary, letters. There is also a more advanced version-with a built-in electronic chip. Make the brand should be on the outside of the device. The order expressly States that the use of non-marked electronics at sports facilities is prohibited. So for Amateur radio advice is the same: with radios, both purchased and homemade, to sports facilities during the world Cup is better not to approach. However, the new harsh rules do not mean that before going to the match will have to leave all the gadgets at home. In the same order there is a solid list of devices that do not need to be marked. In total there are nine points:
  • USB modems formats GSM, IMT-MC, UMTS, wifi, WiMax, LTE;
  • cell phones (both old push-button and modern smartphones);
  • remote car alarm devices;
  • earth stations for mobile satellite communications;
  • Bluetooth headset;
  • electronic bracelets and other search tools affected;
  • navigation GPS/GLONASS;
  • medical implants implanted into the human body;
  • auditory radiotracer for people with hearing impairments.
  -This is a fully justified measures, they will allow to recognize people on the principle of “friend or foe”, — said the project Manager of the capital company-provider Dmitry Mikhailov. – Ordinary fans do not use radios at the stadiums — they have cell phones and tablets. Radio-an attribute of security personnel and maintenance personnel. Their negotiations must be protected from criminals and terrorists, so unidentified devices must be monitored.

A farewell to arms!

Restrictions on guns

From may 25 to July 25, all host cities of the championship will turn into a zone without weapons. This is evidenced by the presidential decree, developed by the FSB. How this period will be to operate a total ban on the circulation of civilian and service weapons and cartridges. Of course, there are a few exceptions. The ban will not affect weapons exhibitions, as well as the transportation and use of sports weapons in the framework of competitions in small sports. In addition, security guards who protect someone’s life and property with weapons in their hands, monitor security at natural sites or protect valuable cargo and correspondence will not be touched. All other “trunks” and ammunition, even if they are the owner on a completely legitimate basis, will be withdrawn. Responsible for this appointed Regardie. However, the owners of pistols and carbines should not be afraid: the next day after the championship, on July 26, the weapon can be safely taken away. The same ban will apply to the turnover of explosives, chemicals and poisons. Moreover, the work of large chemical plants and other potentially dangerous enterprises will have to be suspended during the world football championship — this is also one of the points of the decree. The same document seriously corrects rules of carrying out meetings. Before going to a demonstration or start a single picket, protesters (or sympathizers) citizens will have to find out from local officials, at what time and on what routes they can go with posters and slogans. However, there is also an important caveat: to coordinate the March in this way will have in the event that it is not associated with the 2018 world Cup. And to go a crowd on streets and to chant ” Russia, forward!”it will be possible just like that.

Restriction of movement of buses

One of the most, perhaps, severe restrictions will affect carriers. This is also the development of the FSB, which can be found in the presidential decree. How will: during the matches will be a ban on the entry of buses in the host city of football competitions. For Kazan, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-don, Samara, St. Petersburg and Sochi, the bus embargo will be valid from June 1 to July 17. In Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad and Saransk — from 1 to 30 June. The exception is provided for only three categories of buses. The first-transport, plying on regular passenger routes within the village or between neighboring cities. The second is modern buses equipped with navigation and tracking systems. The third-transport, which received a special permit of the Ministry of internal Affairs. This is a paper that gives the right to enter a particular city. In addition, the tour operators will have to adjust to the new rules. During the world Cup they will be obliged to suspend the transportation of travelers by bus excursion routes. And tourists, accordingly, do not need to buy tickets for such excursions. After all, the ticket will either burn, or the trip will last until the first meeting with the traffic COP. – The restriction of bus transportation for the period of matches in a number of cities will be sensitive for passengers, — said Artem Altukhov, co-owner of the service for the sale of bus tickets. – For example, on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg, only 10-15% of carriers operate on regular transportation. The rest call themselves”custom”. In fact, it is illegal immigrants who ship passengers to the cabin is not clear where and how, not at the bus stations. For security purposes, such restrictions are necessary. In addition, they will encourage carriers to move faster to the “white zone”. If desired, before the start of the world Cup, they will have time to register as regular carriers.

Limiting the sale of tickets


    One and a half million rubles — the same amount it would cost to try to illegally sell tickets for the match of the 2018 world Cup. The ban on speculation and forgery of entrance tickets to the world football championship competitions is now prescribed in the administrative Code. As it will be: in the updated law-two portions of penalties. The first – for illegal, that is, without a contract with FIFA, the sale of real tickets. Ordinary citizens such a Scam will cost 20-25-fold the cost of the ticket, but not less than 50 thousand rubles. If the speculator is an official, the auditors will charge him 30 times the price of the input document. At the same time, the maximum sanction will be 150 thousand rubles. Financial losses of an individual entrepreneur who decided to get rich in the illegal trade of tickets will be the same. But he will also be banned from working for up to 90 days. The most solid penalty — from 500 thousand to one million rubles — threatens legal entities. In addition, their activities will also be suspended for 90 days. — The CPS and the police will be engaged in the detection of violators, and the courts will consider the cases, – said Senator Alexander Bashkin. – The maximum term of consideration-only 10 days. That is, the offender will receive a large fine very quickly. But the main sanction in this law is the suspension of the activities of sole traders and legal entities for 90 days. In fact, for them it means a complete financial collapse, because for such a period of all activities have already passed — and there will be nothing to trade. The second series of penalties – for those who try to sell fake tickets. For citizens it is a fine of 50-70 thousand rubles, for officials — 150-200 thousand. The businessman-the owner of the account will charge the same amount plus sealed the door of the office for 90 days. Companies also have quite a hard time. For them, in addition to the same three months without work, a huge fine is provided — one and a half million rubles. — In this case, we decided not to introduce the principle of multiplicity, but to limit ourselves to fixed amounts of fines, — said Bashkin. – After all, there is nothing to consider multiplicity: the ticket is initially fake, it has no value.

Hotel restrictions

The terrible dream of hoteliers – invented by officials ceiling prices for the room-became a reality on the eve of the confederations Cup-2017. Even then, the ban on overpricing began to operate. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the maximum tariffs by its resolution. They also apply for the period of the 2018 world Cup matches. However, for all categories of hotels — from the most democratic, without “stars” to five — star presidential suites-even this ceiling has grown significantly compared to last year’s rates. As will be in Moscow for games a Deluxe room the “Suite” or “apartment” in a five star hotel should not cost more than 650 thousand rubles per day (during the matches of KK was 500 thousand). Much cheaper will cost a Suite or Studio-250 thousand rubles maximum (a year ago cost 20 thousand cheaper). Single or double room in a hotel with four “stars” will take away from the fan 20 thousand rubles per day. And for the day in the hotel category “two stars” wallet guest lose no more than 7410 rubles. The cheapest option, without “stars” – 3480 rubles. This price should already include commissions of online booking systems, agencies, as well as Breakfast and other services, if they are initially included in the base rate of the hotel. If the hotel will put a larger bill for the day than indicated in the document of the Cabinet, the fan can safely complain to the Federal Agency for tourism and Rospotrebnadzor. In respect of the home-violators will check and fine them. And such checks have already begun and have brought the first fruits. In January and February, the Federal tourism Agency has been caught red-handed administration of 110 hotels. The owners of “Inns” in Rostov-on-don overestimated the rates for the night of accommodation in the room the most: by as much as 519 percent! Well, in the first throne, according to the report on the Agency’s website, officials have found only twelve hotels-violators.