In Moscow, 0 degrees and rain, in St. Petersburg, 0 degrees and rain, but in Yakutia has already come this winter. In Yakutia, the temperature dropped below 45 degrees. Spezialists say that the temperature will continue to drop. Happy children are happy with the long-awaited frost and ride on a hill. The coldest temperature in the world outside Antarctica was recorded in the basin of the Yana River to the northeast of Yakutsk. The lowest temperature recorded in Yakutsk was -83.9 degrees.  In winter, the only ways that you can get to Yakutsk from Moscow is to fly by plane or get on the “road of bones” that you see in the photo. The road was built by Stalin’s prisoners, many of whom died here. This road is mainly used by truckers, bringing provisions to remote villages in the area. During trips to the region truckers leave engines of their cars to work for up to two weeks, since if they drown them, they will not start any more. The railway is planned, but so far only the train travels to Tommot, 250 miles. A young student posing for a picture at a bus station in Yakutsk. Fur is a prerequisite in the Siberian city, locals say that nothing better than fur will not warm you.